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Federal German Navy (Bundesmarine)

Whereabouts of Federal German S-Boats - Pictures


ex-S-"Hermelin" as "KOR 2" for BWB - Picture: Klose

Boat of Class 140 as hulk at Arnis/Schlei 2007 - Picture: Klose

ex-S-"Hermelin" at Erberhard-Werft Arnis

ex-S-"Hermelin" as hulk at Arnis/Schlei 2009 - Picture: K. Scheuch

ex-S-"Hermelin" - Phase 1 of demolition 2011 - Picture: Weinhold

ex-S-"Hermelin" - last Phase of demolition - Picture: Weinhold

ex-S-"Nerz" as "Busefalo" brought up by RN at Southampton, 2004 sold for break-up

"Arthur of San Lorenzo" 2008 on Itchen River 

"Arthur of San Lorenzo" 2008 as Donator of Engines

"Arthur of San Lorenzo" 2016 without Engines - Picture: Desmond Hughes


Reconstructed boat of "Jaguar"-Class as private Yacht

Reconstructed boat of "Jaguar"-Class as private Yacht

ex-UW 10 (ex S 130); first at BMPT/Southampton now sold to Wheatcroft

Ex-UW 11 (ex S 208); used up as target-ship

S-Boat Class 142 mod "Nerz"; left to Turkey as spare-part-stock for the KARTAL-Class

S-Boats Class 142 mod in a Concock-Ship for Export  to Turkey - Picture: Klose

S-Boat Classe 148 in a Condock-Ship for Export to Chile

Class 148 in Chile - ex-S41 Tiger, ex-S49 Wolf, ex-S54 Elstser, ex-S60 Kranich - Picture: Aquilera

"S43 Luchs " unrigged at Talcahuano/Chile - Picture: Aquilera

"S43 Luchs" 1910 after the Tsunami at Talcahuano - Picture: Aquilera


"Esperos" (P 50) in Greece (ex-"Seeadler")

Decommissioning of the last Boats Class 141 (S-"Geier" and S-Kondor") in Greece

ex-"Kranich" in the German Schifffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven, Jul. 2001 - Picture: Janka Leimgruber

ex-"Kranich" sold for break-up, Jan. 2008 - Picture: Jürgen Kluss

The last voyage of "Kranich" 11.02.2008 - Picture: Scheer