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The 7. S-Boat-Squadron was put in order by Organization Order No. 105 - Navy with an effective date of 01.04.1961 with home-base Kiel. 10 boats of the "Zobel"-Class (S-Boat-Class 142) on the basis of the "Jaguar"-boats were assigned to the squadron. In sted of the requested fire-control-system the boat again received the semi-automatic plotting table Nedinsco. Weapon fit and their targetting equipment corresponded to those on the "Jaguar"-boats.




S-"Zobel"-Class, (Class 142) - Picture: Archives Förderverein

In order to modernize the flotilla and to make it fit the threat, trials with the boats of the 7. SGschw were conducted with new weapon-systems. Long-range anti-surface missiles, short-range anti-air missiles, and wireguided torpedoes were to be tested witht he fire-control-sytem "M 20" of the company Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (H.S.A.) were to be tested. 

1963 the trials with the american ship-to-air-missile SAM "Tartar", which could also be utilized in a surface mode, and the british short-range surface-to-air-missile SAM  "Seacat" started. As testboat S-"Nerz" were equipped witha "M 20" fire-control-system.

The "Seacat"-missile was fitted on both sides of the forward 40mm-gun. The trials with "Seacat" werde ended soon, since the optical fire-control until impact on the target was not to be carried out very promising from a S-boat in seastate.

SAM "Seacat" at a 40mm-Gun - Picture: From H. Fock Schnellboote Bd. 3

S-"Nerz" Testing SAM "Seacat" - Picture: Archives Hans Frank

The trials with the "Tartar"-missile were in the beginning also not very promising but were carried out over the years and it was believed to gain control of missile and launcher. 

S-"Nerz" Testing SAM "Tartar" - Picture: Archives Hans Frank

The trials with SAM "Tartar" were finally ended in 1969, since the missile was too heavy and too complex, to be employed by S-boats. A further disadvantage of this missile was that the target had to be tracked by the firecontrol-radar continuously during the time the missile was in flight. In the meantime plannings for a new class of boats had commenced (S-Boot Klasse 143). 

The Eastgerman press published the article shown below with respect to the building of boats of class 142 and the testing of missiles, which was presented to us by Mr. Klaus Klein. 

Article from ................................... dated .................. - Source: Klaus Klein


The boats of class 142 were retrofitted from 1970 to 1972 (S-Boat Class 142 mod.) and received instead of hitherto four torpedotubes two torpedotubes for the wireguided torpedoes DM 2 A 1, "Seal", which had been tested on boat "Kormoran", the fire-control- system "M 20" for teh control of guns and torpedoes.

Boat Start Retrofitting End Retrofitting 
Zobel 01.03.1971 26.05.1972
Wiesel 13.05.1970 20.07.1971
Dachs 06.04.1970 24.05.1971
Hermelin 01.09.1969 08.03.1971
Nerz 07.12.1970 02.02.1972
Puma 14.09.1970 05.11.1971
Gepard 26.10.1970 18.01.1972
Hyäne 07.01.1971 26.05.1972
Frettchen 18.06.1969 08.03.1971
Ozelot 03.08.1970 16.08.1971

 Dates are stated in format dd.mm.yyyy

Between 1981 and 1983 the squadron was retrofitted with 10 boats of Class 143 A. The squadron was stationed at Warnemünde from December 1995 until November 2016.

On closing down the S-Boat-Flottilla on 29.06.2006 the squadron came under command of Einsatzflottille 1 (EF 1). As first two boats of this class "S74 Nerz" and "S77 Dachs" were decommisioned on 29.02.2012 at Wilhelmshaven.   


FKpt Müller, A. 04.1961 - 12.1961
FKpt  Rieve 12.1961 - 03.1965
FKpt Rössner 04.1965 - 12.1967
FKpt Werner 01.1968 - 12.1969
FKpt Liebig 12.1969 - 09.1971
Fkpt Günther 10.1971 - 06.1974
FKpt Hornung 06.1974 - 01.1977
FKpt Bausch 02.1977 - 02.1980
FKpt Brannolte 02.1980 - 03.1983
FKpt Bruhns 04.1983 - 06.1984
FKpt Stallmann 07.1984 - 09.1986
FKpt Struve 10.1986 - 12.1988
FKpt Fritz 12.1988 - 09.1990
FKpt Hoops 10.1990 - 09.1992
FKpt Kronisch 10.1992 - 09.1994
FKpt Grothe 10.1994 - 09.1997
FKpt Brinkmann 10.1997 - 09.1999
FKpt Ullmann 10.1999 - 08.2001
FKpt Schmidt 09.2001 - 12.2001
FKpt Meiert 01.2002 - 11.2003
FKpt Behnert 11.2003 - 06.2005
FKpt Jopp 06.2005 - 05.2007
FKpt Jungmann 05.2007 - 03.2009
FKpt Haisch 04.2009 - 06.2011
FKpt Meyer 07.2011 - 09 2013
FKpt Rühmann 09.2013 - today

"Zobel"-Class, S-Boat Class 142 mod.

S-"Zobel"-Class, (Class 142) - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Trials with Targeting System OGR-7 on S-"Hyäne" - Picture: Archives Förderverein

S-"Puma" (Class 142 mod.) Mai 1981 in Kiel-Canal - Picture: Udo Junk 

S-"Hermelin" in Exercise Botany Bay 1979 - Picture: Ralf Hübner

Tenders and Boats of 7. S-Gschw at Wilhelm-Dock Antwerp - Picture: Udo Junk


Boats of Class 142 and their Whereabouts

Boat Hull-No. In Commission Int'l. Call-Sign Out of Commission Whereabouts
Zobel P 6092 12.12.1961 DBUQ DRCO 07.09.1982 Sold to Lürssen-Werft for demonstration-purposes
Wiesel P 6093 25.06.1962 DBUS DRCP 06.03.1984 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up
Dachs P 6094 25.09.1962 DBUU DRCQ 06.12.1983 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up
Hermelin P 6095 28.11.1962 DBUW DRCV 12.01.1983 Trial- and Targetschip, layed up MArs W'haven, 1988 sold to Eberhard-Werft,  broken up 1998
Nerz P 6096 11.01.1963 DBUX DRCR 08.07.1982 Trialship in Olpenitz, layed up MArs W'haven, reconstruction to Yacht "Busefalo", brought up by Royal Navy, BMPT, 2004 sold for breaking-up
Puma *) P 6097 21.12.1962 DBUY DRCW 18.12.1981 Hulk at Damage Control School, Eberhardt-Werft, broken up 2011
Gepard P 6098 18.04.1963 DBVA DRCS 09.11.1982 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up
Hyäne P 6099 10.05.1963 DBVB DRCX 05.06.1984 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up
Frettchen P 6100 26.06.1963 DBVC DRCT 09.08.1983 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up
Ozelot P 6101 25.10.1963 DBXE DRCU 10.01.1984 Left to Turkey as spare-part-stock, broken up

The second int'l callsign became effective on 01.12.1981.

*) There is a discrepancy between the information received from Eberhard-Werft and the web-site of the Roving Commissions, which states, that ex-" Puma" was found on Itchen River, Southampton, under the name "Arthur of San Lorenzo". From this boat the engines and other spareparts of the machinery were removed and used for the restoration of "S 130". In 2016 Desmond Hughes from England reported that he had bought the boat "Arthur of San Lorenzo" without engines. The boat  broken up at Arnis 2011 may also have been a boat of type 140.

The early decommissioning of S-"Puma" can be lead back to an accident which not only demolated the shafts but especially the starboard inner propeller and also caused a leak in compartment I.

S-"Puma" in the shipyard at Mandal - Picture: Ralf Hübner

The destroyed inner Propellers of S-"Puma" - Picture: Ralf Hübner

The torn-off starbord inner shaft  - Picture: Ralf Hübner

The torn-off starboard inner shaft with destroyed Propeller - Picture: Ralf Hübner

Leakage in Compartment I  - Picture: Ralf Hübner



 Class 143 A ("Gepard"-Class)

"Gepard"-Class, S-Boat Class 143 A

"S 72 - Puma" (Class 143 A)

Boats of Class 143 A

Boat Hull-No. In Commission Int'l. Call-Sign Decommisioned
S 71 - Gepard P 6121 07.12.1982 DRCE 12.12.2014
S 72 - Puma P 6122 17.02.1983 DRCF 14.12.2015
S 73 - Hermelin P 6123 28.04.1983 DRCG 16.11.2016
S 74 - Nerz P 6124 14.07.1983 DRCH 29.02.2012
S 75 - Zobel P 6125 28.09.1983 DRCI 16.11.2016
S 76 - Frettchen P 6126 16.12.1983 DRCJ 16.11.2016
S 77 - Dachs P 6127 22.03.1984 DRCK 29.02.2012
S 78 - Ozelot P 6128 25.05.1984 DRCL 12.12.2014
S 79 - Wiesel P 6129 12.07.1984 DRCM 14.12.2015
S 80 - Hyäne P 6130 13.11.1984 DRCN 16.11.2016

For the launching of the boats of class S 143 A the planning for the namegiving and for the godmothers/speekers were determined by a document of BMVg FüM I 3 on 2nd November 1981, the dates were determined by the building progress:

Name of Boat Lanching Date Godmother Speeker
S71 Gepard 25.09.1981 Mrs. Bethge VAdm Bethge
S72 Puma 08.02.1982 Mrs. v. Knobloch BDir v. Knobloch
S73 Hermelin 08.12.1981 *) Mrs. Vohs KAdm Vohs
S 74 Nerz 18.08.1982 Mrs. Leister Sts Dr. Leister
S 75 Zobel 30.06.1982 Mrs. Schnoor OLt zS Schnoor, 7. SG
S 76 Frettchen 26.01.1983 Mrs. Toppmann Günter Toppmann, 2. Bgm von Altena
S77 Dachs 14.12.1982 Mrs. Giermann Kpt zS Giermann
S78 Ozelot 07.06.1983 Mrs. Schuur Kpt zS Schuur
S79 Wiesel 08.08.1983 Mrs. Liebig FlAdm Liebig
S 80 Hyäne 05.11.1983 Frau Fromm VAdm Fromm

*) The launching of boat "S73 Hermelin" took place on 08.12.1981 in icecold weather at Schacht-Audorf near Rendsburgt. The leader of the Navy Music Corps broke off the playing of the nation anthem and reported to KAdm Vohs, that the instruments were freesing to the lips of the musician. Thereupon KAdm Vohs: "Aye aye, fellows, inside and drik a schnaps" 

Boats "S73 Hermelin", "S75 Zobel" and "S77 Dachs" were built by Kröger-Werft at Schacht-Audorf near Rendsburg, all other boats by Fr. Lürssen-Werft at Bremen-Vegesack.

The godfather-towns of the boats were as follows:

Boat Godfather-Town
S71 Gepard Röthenbach/Pegnitz
S72 Puma Uelzen
S73 Hermelin Pirmasens
S 74 Nerz Kaiserslautern
S 75 Zobel Bad Hersfeld
S 76 Frettchen Altena
S77 Dachs Werne
S78 Ozelot Duisburg
S79 Wiesel Ratingen
S 80 Hyäne Verden

Before the RAM-Launchers were installed on Class 143 A-boats the weapon system was tested on "S69 Habicht".

"S69 Habicht" fitted with RAM-Launcher for Trials - Picture: Archives Burkhard Schindler

For Testing the RAM-Launcher on "S69 Habicht" the Torpedo-Tubes were removed at times - Picture: Archives Burkhard Schindler

Entrance of Loch Eriboll/Schottland 1996 - Picture: Jörg Rabethge

"S71 Gepard", thre sisterships and two "Willemoes"-class-boats alongside Tanker "Skinfaxe" during JMC 1996 in Loch Eriboll - Picture: Jörg Rabethge

"S71 Gepard" anchored in Loch Eriboll - Picture: Jörg Rabethge

Tender "Elbe", "S71 Gepard", "S76 Frettchen", "S73 Hermelin", and "S79 Wiesel" at La Rochelle Sept. 1996 - Picture: Jörg Rabethge


From 01. October 1999 until the disbanding of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron on 28 July 2006 five boats of Class 143 were employed by the 2. S-Boat-Squadron whereas five boats of Class 143 A were employed by the 7. S-Boat-Squadron. From the 2. S-Boat-Squadron the boats "S66 Greif", "S67 Kondor", "S68 Seeadler", "S69 Habicht" and "S70 Kormoran" were turned over to the 7. S-Boat-Squadron and boats "S76 Frettchen, "S77 Dachs", "S78 Ozelot", "S79 Wiesel" and "S80 Hyäne" were dispatched to the 2. S-Boat-Squadron. That was to render protection against missiles at short range by the boats of Class 143 A in mixed packs whereas the boats of class 143 provided higher gunnery potential and the wireguided torpedoes. Such a mixed pack could thus bring to bear three 76mm-guns, eight MM 38 missiles, two SEAL, 21 RAM-missiles and mines. With the disbanding of the 2. S-Boat- Squadron the boats of Class 143 A were returned to the 7. S-Boat-Squadron. 

"S76 Frettchen" with Coat-of-Arms of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann

"S77 Dachs" with Coat-of-Arms of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann

"S78 Ozelot" with Coat-of-Arms of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann

"S79 Wiesel" with Coat-of-Arms of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann

"S66 Greif" with Coat-of-Arms of the 7. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann

"S68 Seeadler" with Coat-of-Arms of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archiv T. Kunzmann


"S69 Habicht" with Coat-of-Arms of the 7. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Frank Zingler

"S70 Kormoran" with Coat-of-Arms of the 7. S-Boat-Squadron - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann



For the Disbanding of the 2. S-Boat-Squadron this Batch was created



After 29 years in service the two boats "S74 Nerz" and "S77 Dachs" were decommissioned on 29.02.2012 at 14:00 lct. at MArs Wilhelmshaven. 

The boats "S74 Nerz" and "S77 Dachs" moored at the Arsenal - Picture: K. Heidemann

In his speach to the crews of the two boats and the guests the commander of the 7. S-Boat-Squadron,  Fregattenkapitän C. Meyer, pointed out that both crews had maintained the boats so well in spite of that they had been reported as taken out of  readiness-for-sea since spring of 2011,  that they had been able to proceed on their own keel on their last voyage while still part of German Navy from their homeport to MArs Wilhelmshaven. 

Complement "S77 Dachs" and guests on the Arsenal pier - Picture: K. Heidemann

He also pointed out, that all crewmembers would get a follow-on-job in the 7. S-Squadron and with that could contribute to the readines for action of the remaining eight boats.

Subsequently the crews and their guests fell in line on board their boats and the commanding officers ordered: "Lower colours and pennant" 

"Lower colours and pennant" - Picture: K. Heidemann

Then Kptlt Ermisch, commanding officer "S74 Nerz",   and Kptlt Dubnitzki,  commanding officer "S77 Dachs",  reported the squadron-commander  their boats decommissioned, and he reported the A 3 of Flotilla 1, Kapitän zur See Miller: "... the boats "S74 Nerz" und "S77 Dachs" are decommissioned".

The boats "S74 Nerz" and "S77 Dachs" were been sold to Emder Werft und Dock GmbH. The were towed to Emden i December 2015 and are laying there awaiting another usage.

The former S-Boats "S74 Nerz" and "S77 Dachs" at Emden - Picture: T. Kunzmann

The Boats "S71 Gepard" and S78 Ozelot" at Berthing M at Warnemünde - Picture: Volker Groth

On 12.12.2014 was boat "S71 Gepard" decommissioned at berthing M of the Naval Base Warnemünde after 32 year of service.


The Guests of the Decommissioning-Ceremony for "S71 Gepard" - Picture: Volker Groth

Remains of the Crew of "S71 Gepard" - Picture: Volker Groth

For the decommissioning-ceremony of boat „S 71 Gepard“ six members of the board of the  Fördervereins Museums-Schnellboot e.V. lead by the Chairman, FKpt a.D. Karl (Kalle) Scheuch, had arrived.  This fact was pointed out by the Commander of the 7. SGschw, FKpt Rühmann, in his address to the crew of „S71 Gepard“ and their guests. 


FKpt Rühmann während der Ansprache - Foto: Volker Groth

FKpt Rühmann was in a position to wellcome a number of guests from the navy, thereamong also former commanding officers of the boat. Self-evident that the Squadron-Commander addressed the special role of the boat within the squadron as the type-boat and within her deployments in Operation Freedom and UNIFIL. He explained that the crew will be transferred to other boats within the squadron or to units of the 1. Corvette Squadron. 

Finally he ordered the Commanding Officer: „Korvettenkapitän Münstermann decommission the boat „S71 Gepard“!"

KKpt Münstermann ordered thereupon: „Crew „S71 Gepard“ stand to attention!“ and „Flag attendents to their stations!“ and finally: „Lower flag and pennant!“. With the corresponding signal of t he boatswain's pipe flags and pennant were lowered. Then he reported to his Commander „Korvettenkapitän Münstermann, I report „S71 Gepard“ decommissioned!“  

Lowering the Flag - Picture: Volker Groth

"S71 Gepard" decommissioned alongside "S78 Ozelot" - Picture: Volker Groth

The boat "S 78 Ozelot" was decommissioned on 18.12.2014 at 10:00 hours after 30 years in Service.


"S80 Hyäne" 17th March 2015 entering Warnemünde efter Squadex - Picture: T. Kunzmann

7. SGschw at Portsmouth 1st May 2015 - Picture: Frank Raudszus


"S75 Zobel" during Kiel Week 2015 - Pictured: Hans-Joachim Friedrich


Contrary to all expectations the 7. SGschw early July 2015 got the order to detach the boat "S80 Hyäne" again to UNIFIL. The boat left Warnemünde Hohe Düne on 13th July 2015 and relieved Corvette "Erfurt", which had to join Mission ATALANTA at the Horn of Africa. Task of "S80 Hyäne" off the Libanon coast was to contribute to preventation of weapon-smuggling into Libanon.


"S80 Hyäne" 13th July 2015 entering Kiel Kanal - Picture: T. Kunzmann

"S80 Hyäne" 13th July 2015 sailing past Rendsburg - Picture: T. Kunzmann

Our fellow club member Dr. Nikolaus Sifferlinger saw "S80 Hyäne" on 22.07.2015 during a intermediate stop on Malta.

"S80 Hyäne" on 22.07.2015 during an intermediate stop on Malta - Picture: N. Sifferlinger

On 25.07.2015 around 11:00 o'clock "S80 Hyäne" entered Limassol on Cypres to join UNIFIL.

Transit of "S79 Wiesel" and "S72 Puma" to Wilhelmshaven

On 28.09.2015 at 05.30 the boats "S72 Puma" and "S79 Wiesel" left Rostock-Warnemünde, Stützpunkt Hohe Düne, to hand in the battle-ammunition at Jägersberg and to sail to the Marinearsenal Wilhelmshaven via Nord-Ostsee-Kanal to have instruments and parts of the armament removed. 

The trip through the NOK was packed with hindrances (more than two hours delay at the Holtenau locks and two stops at passing places) thus the boats did not arrive at the Naval Base Wilhelmshaven around midnight but could only secure their boats  against morning of the 29.09.2015. Therefore, they sailed through the locks at 08.00 and secured in the Marinearsenal.


"S72 Puma" almost in fuld Strength in im MArs Wilhelmshaven - Picture: K. Scheuch

Commanding Officer "S79 Wiesel", KKpt Münstermann, on his Bridge - Picture: K. Scheuch

Magnetic Compass, FL 1800 and Radom WM 27 of "S79 Wiesel" - Picture: K. Scheuch

View from the Prow on 76mm-Oto Melara and Bridge "S79 Wiesel" - Picture: K. Scheuch

"S79 Wiesel" with RAM-Launcher, her MM 38-Containers already removed - Picture: K. Scheuch

The long trip to Wilhelmshaven

At MArs Wilhelmshaven the 76mm-Gun and the RAM-Launcher as well as some instruments werde removed.

"S79 Wiesel" and "S72 Puma" i the Brundbüttel Locks - Picture: Frank Zingler


"S79 Wiesel" and her Modell at Naval Base Hohe Düne - Picture: Frank Zingler

"S79 Wiesel" passing Rendsburg - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S72 Puma" also Stripped - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

At Dusk the Passing Place Landwehr is Passed - Picture: Tino Kunzmann 

On 08.10.2015 in the morning the widely stripped boats left in order to sail to their homeport Hohe Düne via the NOK, where they secured on 09.10.2015 just after 02.00 hours. Then the two boats were being prepaired for their decommissioning on 14.12.2015.


"S80 Hyäne" carried out seafaring maneouvers and firing exercises eith the French destroyer "Montcalm" during her UNIFIL-employment. Subsequent to the terror-attack at Paris on 13. November the S-Boats-Crew expressed their solidarity with their French comrades.

The Crew of "S80 Hyäne" - Picture: PIZ Marine

On 3. Dezember 2015 a five-mounth deployment for UNIFIL ended for the crew of "S80 Hyäne". As replacement the crew of "S75 Hermelin" got into their footprints. The leader of the German Contingency at UNIFIL, Fregattenkapitän Johst, gave over the command of the boat from Kapitänleutnant Pauker to Korvettenkapitän Tesch. 

Turning over the Command of "S80 Hyäne" - Picture: PIZ Marine

The Remains of the 7. S-Squadron in the Morninglight - Picture: Frank Zingler

On 14.12.2015 at 10.00 "S79 Wiesel" and "S72 Puma" were decommissioned at Rostock-Warnemünde. The squadron was left with the command of just boats, which were decommissioned on 16.11.2016.

"Lower Flag and Pennant" on "S79-Wiesel" - Picture: Frank Zingler

On 29. February 2016 the two boats "S73 Hermelin" and "S76 Frettchen" as well as Tender "Elbe" left harbour fora four-weeks Squadex and participation in the international exercise  BALTOPS. During the Squadex inter alia the cities of Oslo and Göteborg were visitied. Seananship exercises and firing exercises and sailing in formations, fog navigation and towing and being towed were trained as well as tactical exercises were carried out. On 23.03.2016 the force returned into their homeport.

On 18.04.2016 "S80 Hyäne" returned to her homeport Hohe Düne after a more than 9 month lasting UNIFIL-deployment.

"S80 Hyäne" in the Kiel-Canal on 17.04.2016 - Picture: T. Kunzmann


Return of "S80 Hyäne" into her homeport on 18.04.2016 - Picture: T. Kunzmann

At the 827. birthday of the Hamburg harbour (Hamburger Hafengeburtstag 2016) from 05. to 08. Mai 2016 "S73 HErmelin" sailed in the parade of traditional ships like e.g. the  Ewer HF 213 from Finkenwerder, "Dar Mlodziezi", "Mir", "Kruzenshtern", "Alexander von Humboldt II", "Santa Maria  Manuela", the vessels from the customs, police, DLRG, DGzRS and THW as well as Naval vessels,  the British destroyer "Duncan" (D 37), four Danish Home-Defence-Cutters (MHV 904 "Lyø", MHV  903 "Hjortø", MHV 908 "Brigaden" and MHV 812 "Herkules") the Danish P-boat "Diana" (P 620) guided by  Frigate "Brandenburg" (F 215) up the Elbe-river to the harbour of Hamburg.

Frigate "Brandenburg", Flaggship of the Entry-Parade 2016 - Picture: Kalle Scheuch

Fish-Cutter "HF 231" from Finkenwerder - Picture: Kalle Scheuch

Destroyer "HMS Ducan" (D 37) - Foto: Kalle Scheuch

Boats "Lyø" (MHV 903) and "Hercules" (MHV 812) of the Danish Home-Defence - Picture: Kalle Scheuch

Patrolboat "HDMS Diana" (P 620) - Picture: Kalle Scheuch

S-boat  "S73 Hermelin" (P 6123) - Picture: Kalle Scheuch

The last common undertaking of the remaining boats of the squadron was the participation in Kieler Woche 2016. On 16.06.2016 the last four boats, "S73 Hermelin", "S74 Nerz", "S75 Zobel" and "S80 Hyäne" entered Naval Base Kiel.

The 7. S-Squad enters Kiel for the last time - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S76 Frettchen" in front of Laboe - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S75 Zobel" - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S73 Hermelin" - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S80 Hyäne" - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

7. S-Gschw in its old Homeport - Picture: Frank Zingler

The last common event of the Squadron was the transfer of the boats to Hohe Düne for which the Einsatzflottille 1 had invited former flotilla- and squadron-commanders and commanding officers. The voyage was quite an experience for all participants with sailing in formations, firing of 76mm-guns and SMGs, mail-transfer and a real livesaving operation.

7. S-Squadron preparing for its Fare-Well-Vojage - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

SBoat-Formations - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

Hot Dog-Cloud - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

Entering Hohe Düne - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

The voyage was ended with a grilling in the officers-club before the guests were brought back to Kiel by bus.

The unrigged Boats "S 72 Puma", "S78 Ozelot" and "S79 Wiesel" - Picture: Volker Groth

On 02.07.2016 "S75 Zobel" took part in Warnemünder Woche unplanned and undertook a voyage during this phase. 

On 03.07.2016 the four boats "S73 Hermelin", "S75 Zobel", "S76 Frettchen" and "S80 Hyäne" left harbour twice with guests, the closest familymembers of the crews, for a trip in the Baltic. 

"S80 Hyäne" leaving Warnemünde - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S75 Zobel" and "S76 Frettchen" leaving Warnemünde - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S76 Frettchen" off Warnemünde - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

"S75 Zobel" entering Warnemünde - Picture: Tino Kunzmann

Through these Moles never again a German S-Boat will sail - Picture: Frank Zingler

The four boats were taken out of readiness-for-sea on 04. July 2016 and the boats prepared for being taken out of service.  

On the pier of the laid-up boats, "S72 Puma", "S78 Ozelot" and "S79 Wiesel" in the Navy Base Hohe Düne temporarily a new name for the squadron was displayed.

1. Ludolfgeschwader - Pivture: Frank Zingler

Remains of the 7. S-Geschwader on 21.07.2016 - Picture: Dr. Nik Sifferlinger

The 7. Schnellbootgeschwader was disbanded in a moving ceremony following a speech of VAdm Brinkmann, Acting Inspekteur, Flagofficer of the Fleet and the Supporting Forces, on 16.11.2016 at 11.00 lct., after the four last boats of the squadron,  "S73 Hermelin", "S75 Zobel", "S76 Frettchen" snd "S80 Hyäne",  were decommissioned. 

The last four Boats at Kieler Brücke - Picture: K. Scheuch

Complements are reported to the Commander for the Decommissioning - Picture: T. Kunzmann

"S75 Zobel" and "S76 Frettchen" are decommission - Picture: T. Kunzmann

"S73 Hermelin" and "S80 Hyäne" are decommissioned - Picture: T. Kunzmann

Immediately the Name-Tags are removed - Picture: K. Scheuch

Marching in for the Decommissioning of the Squadron - Picture: T. Kunzmann

VAdm Brinkmann receives Report - Picture: T. Kunzmann

The Troop-Flag is rolled up - Picture: T. Kunzmann

 With that the 100years era of "Schnellboote" in German Navies was ended.

German "Schnellboote" can today be seen in foreign navies and in German museums only.


Here are six of seven boats in the MArs Kiel awaiting their re-use - Picture: Andreas Engel