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  S-Boats in the Federal German Navy - Pictures



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Federal German Navy

The German S-Boats - Pictures

(All pictures: Archives Förderverein unles otherwize stated)

Boats of 1. S-Squad in Formation 1 - Picture: Schwalke

Boats of 1. S-Squad entering homeport - Picture: Plumhof

S-Boat "Hugin" - trials with the Norwegian NASTY-class

S-Boat "Pfeil" - trials with the British FEROCITY-class - Picture: Schwalke

S-Boat "Strahl" - trials with the British BRAVE-class

S-"Pfeil" and S-"Strahl" iced in at Stickenhörn - Pictuer: Archives B. Etzold

1. S-Squad with Silbermöwe, Sturmmöwe, Wildschwan, Eismöwe, Raubmöwe, Pfeil, and Strahl at Neustadt - Picture: Bernhard Abbass

S-Boat "Sturmmöwe" in heavy seastate - Picture: Archives J. Prochnow

1. S-Squadron in its homport - Picture: Archives J. Prochnow

1. S-Squadron in the Ice of Kiel - Picture: Archives J. Prochnow

S-"Wildschwan" in the Ice - Picture: Archives B. Etzold

S-"Wildschwan" on the Slipway - Picture: Archives V. Groth

S-"Iltis" with wooden dummies for the 40mm-guns - Picture: Archives Heinz Haag

S-"Iltis" with 20mm-guns

S-Boats of Jaguar-Class in Formation

Waing for the order to run an attack in firing area Breitgrund

S-Boat "Tiger" off Thybørøn

5. S-Squad in Stavanger/Norway

5. S-Squad in Stavanger/Norway - Church-Cocktail

Kpt zS H.H. Klose, OLtzS K. Scheuch, OLtzs U. Czubaiko, OLtzs K. Wiedmann, Kptlt G. Ulbricht, FKpt E.G. Müller, Kptlt O. Ciliax, Kptlt W. Hornung, FKpt H. Reimann, OLtzS J. Kier, OLtzS G. Dachs

NATO-Partners on Borkum

S-Boat Type-142a "Nerz" (after retrofitting)

S-Boat "Geier" - trials with an extendable radar and modified bridge

S-Boat "Wolf" - trials with a green painting

S-Boat "Pelikan" - trials with a shortened radarmast

Flotilla-Inspection in the Skaw-Area

S-"Pinguin" with a Trial-Radome - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann

S-"Kranich" with Westinghouse-Log-Trialsystem - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann


S-Dachs, S-Nerz and S-Frettchen at Hörnum for Missile Trials - Picture: Ronny Meyer

"Tucumcari" - trials with a hydrofoil - but system cost too high - Picture: Archives 7. S-Eskadre

S-Boat Class 148

S-Boat Class 143

S-Boat Class 143a


Four generations: S 142 mod, S 148, S 143, S 143 A

"Jaguars" alongside Tender

Accidents were happening as long as there were S-Boats

S 140/S 141: Tube 3 fire!

S 143: Tube 2 fire!

S 148: Launch of an Exocet

"S69 Habicht" at trials with RAM