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  S-Boats in the Federal Navy - Class 143 A



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S-Boot Klasse 143 A ("S 71 - Gepard")

S-Boat Class 143 A ("S 71 - Gepard")


Technical Data

Shipyards Lürssen and Kröger
Units built 10
from/to 1981 - 1983
Commissioned from/to 1982 - 2016
Displacement 390 t
Length 57,6 m
Beam 7,8 m
Draught 2,5 m
Propulsion 4 x MTU MA 16-V-956 (each 4000 PS)
Shafts/Propellers 4 - 4
Speed 38 kts
Complement  35 (4 Off, 6 Chiefs, 13 Pettis, 12 Ratings
Bewaffnung 4 x MM 38 Starters (SS-Missiles)     
1 x RAM Close Range Missile-System
1 x 76 mm/L 62 Gun OTO Melara
EW-System FL 1800
2 x SMG Browning M2
Hot-Dog and Wolke for Missile-Defence

Gun OTO Melara 76 mm - Picture: Rudi Hansen

Short range missile-starter RAM Mk 49 - Picture: Rudi Hansen

Startcontainer MM 38 EXOCET - Picture: Rudi Hansen

Starcontainer MM 38 EXOCET - Picture: Hans Heinrich Jürgens

Firing of a MM 38 EXOCET - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Firing of Hot Dog from a Boat Class 143 A - Picture: Bernd Etzold


The boats had an automatic command and control system "Automatisiertes Gefechts- und Informationssystem" (AGIS) with data exchange via Link 11, an Electronic Warfare System FL 1800, ABC-Protection, Hot Dog and Wolke for missile-defence.

In Denmark this class counts as Class S 61 "Albatros" with 20 boats and includes two German classes i.e. Class 143 "Albatros" and Class 143 A "Gepard". Although the boats have the same hull and propulsion, they are so different in superstructure, armament, ECM-equipment and Command and Control hardware and software, that the owner - the German Navy - gave them different class-indications. 

S-Boot Class 143 A

Classes S-Boat 143 (Albatros) and S-Boat 143 a (Gepard) are in international context also called "S 61-Class" although the boats are different in weapon-fit, superstructure and mast.