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  S-Boats in the Federal Navy - Class 149



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S-Boat Class 149 ("Silbermöwe")

"Silbermöwe"-Class, S-Boat Class 149 with 2 x 20mm Hispano-Suiza-Guns on Double-Carriage

"Silbermöwe"-Class, S-Boat Class 149 with 40mm Bofors/L 70-Gun


Technical Data

Shipyard Lürssen
Units built 6
from/to 1954 - 1955
Commissioned from/to 1954 - 1967
Displacement 155 t
Length 35,5 m
Beam 5,1 m
Draught 1,8 m
Propulsion 3 x MB 518 A (each 3000 PS)
Shafts/Propellers 3 - 3
Speed 42 kts
Complement  19
Armament 2 x Torpedotubes 53,3 cm
2 x 20 mm/L85 Hispano-Suiza-Gun
later 1 x 40 mm/L70 Bofors-Gun




The construction of the boats followed the fundamental criteria of the boats of the Kriegsmarine. At the time of the commissioning the boats "S 1" (Eismöwe), "S 2" (Raubmöwe) and "S 3" (Seeschwalbe) were armed with 2 x 20mm-guns/L 85 on double-carriage. The turnable torpedotubes were only mounted from 1958 onward. "Seeschwalbe" had instead of three Mercedes-Benz MB 518 A-Engines three Maybach-Diesel-Engines with controllable pitch propellers. All boats were equipped with the proven "wing rudders" which gave them an extra speed of approximately two knots than boats with the same hull and propulsion were able to obtain (Lürssen-Effect). 

The boats "Silbermöwe", "Sturmmöwe" and "Wildschwan" had a spindle-formed antenna in the mast for detection of UHF-transmissions.

"S 2" of the BGS witht 2 x 20 mm Hispano-Suiza-Guns/L 85 on double-carriage - Picture: Lürssen

        Controlable-pitch-propellers, main-rudder, and "wing rudders" on "S 1" of the BGS - Picture: Lürssen