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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - "S 601"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

S-Boats - Technical Data

"S 601" - "S 604"

Taken from the Italian navy as war loot with the designations:

S 601 ex ital. MS 42 ex jugosl. "Velebit"
S 602 ex ital. MS 43 ex. jugosl. "Dinara"
S 603 ex ital. MS 44 ex jugosl. "Triglav"
S 604 ex ital. MS 46 ex jugosl. "Rusnik"
S 511 ex ital. MAS 522 ex jugosl. "Orjen"
S 512 ex ital. MAS 542 ex jugosl. "Suvobur"

The boats were designed and built by Lürssen. Basis was type "S 2" of the Reichsmarine.

Because of the heavier armament (high mounted 40 mm gun) the dimensions of "S 2" were slightly changed.  

"S 2" - (Drawing from Connelly/Krakow: Schnellboot in action)

Shipyard Lürssen
 Length 28,00 m
Bream 4,46 m
Draught 1,51 m
Displacement 60 ts
Propulsion   3 x Daimler-Benz 12 cylinder fourstroke gasoline engines 800/950 HP; 1 x 100 HP March engine 6 cylinder Maybach
Speed 34 kts
Complement 10
2 x Torpedo Tubes 53,3 cm
1 x 40 mm gun


In the Mediterranean several Italian S-boats fell into the hands of the Kriegsmarine after the It alian capitulation on 09.09.1943. Most of them were cannibalized as spare part stocks, however, the 19 most modern boats formed the 24. SFltl. "S 512" was never commissioned. 





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