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Exclusion of Liability


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1.    Contents of the Online-Offer
The authors do not give any guarantee for actuality, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the authors which refer to damages of materiel or ideal kind and which have occured by use or not-use of wrong or incomplete information are excluded, as far as no proofed wilful or coarse negligent fault exists.

All offers are free and not binding. The authors reserve expressly the right to change, to augment, or to eliminate parts or the total offer without advanced announcement for a period of time or to stop it definitely.


2.    Referrals and Links

For direct referrals to foreign websites “(Hyperlinks”) which lay outside the area of responsibility of the authors would a liability only come in force because the author had knowledge of the contents and it would be possible and reasonable to prevent the use in case of illegal contents.

The authors  declare herewith expressly that to the time of setting the link no illegal contents were to recognize of the linked sites. On actual and future design of the linked sites do the authors not have any influence. Therefore, they dissociate themselves expressly from all contents of all linked/connected sites which have been changed after the time of setting the link. This comment is valid for all links and references set inside the own internet-offer as well as for foreign input to guest-books, discussion-fora, and mailing-lists established by the authors. For illegal, wrong, or incomplete contents and especially for damages which may result from use or non-use of such offered information only the supplier of the site which has been referred to is responsible, not the one who has only referred to the corresponding publication by links.


3.    Authorship and Right of Marking

The authors are endeavoured in all publications to observe the copyright of the graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences, and texts, to use graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences, and texts produced by themselves or to go back to license-free graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences, and texts. All mentioned brands or trade-marks protected by third parties are subject exclusively to the regulations of the respective registration laws and of the rights of ownership of the registered owners. Just because of the pure mentioning it may not be concluded that trade-marks are not protected by third parties.

The copyright of published objects produced by the authors remains only with the author of the sites. Duplication and use of such graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences, and  texts in other electronic or printed publications are not allowed without expressed permission of the authors.

In case of domain quarreling, concurrence right, or other problems we ask everybody in order to avoid unnecessary legal quarrel and cost to take up contact with us in advance. The cost of a lawyers reminder without previous establishment of contact will be dismissed in the sense of responsibility for damage-reduction.


4.    Data Protection

If the possibility exists to enter private or business data (email-addresses, names, postal addresses) in the internet-offer the surrender of these data is expressly on a voluntary basis on the side of the user. The use of and payment for all offered services are – as far as technical possible and reasonable – also allowed without statement of such data or inserting anonymized data or a pseudonym. The use of contact data such as postal-addresses, telephone-numbers, fax-numbers, as well as email-addresses by third parties for supply with not expressly demanded information is not permitted. Legal consequences against the senders of so called spam-mails violating this ban are expressly reserved.


5.    Legal Validity of this Liability Exclusion

This liability exclusion is to be considered as part of the internet-offer by which was referred to this page. In case that parts or single formulations of this text do not or no longer or not fully correspond with the laws in force are unaffected for other parts of the document with respect to their contents and their validity .