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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

S-Boats in Other Units of Kriegsmarine

Torpedo Versuchsanstalt (TorpedoTest Centre)

Boat "S 9" was reconstructed from 29.04.1940 to 06.07.1940 for the Fast ASW Group and was subordinate to it as of 05.08.1940. After a time at the dockyard Wilhelmshaven from 25.10. to 15.03.1941 she was reported as a testboat for Torpedoversuchsanstalt ( TVA) and fell into British hands on 08.05.1945 at Eckernförde.

At Eckernförde also "S 8" was laying as a hulk at the end of war and became also British war loot.





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