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S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy 1947 - 2000 (Søværnet)

Dansk Torpedobåd-Forening

The Danish association "Dansk Torpedobåd-Forening"  was founded on 16.09.2000, almost 20 years after the last boat of  WILLEMOES-class, P 547 "Sehested", was decommissioned. 

The association has has made istself the bussiness to unify all persons who have sailed in Danish MTBs and their support units. Its purpose is to maintain the two FPBs, P 547 "Sehested" on Holmen, the former main base of the Danish fleet at Copenhagen, and P 512 "Søbjørnen" at Ålborg.

The association is financing itself membership fees. It is running exclusively by unpaid work and an eventual surplus is to be used only for operation and maintenance of the boats. 

The membership fee amounts to 350 dkr/year. 

"Willemoes" - Picture: Søværnet

Also if at present the foundation Peder Skram is taking care of the maintenance of all three vessels at Holmen, the frigate "Peder Skran", the MTB "Sehested", and the submarine "Sælen", the flydende Koldkrigsmuseum (Floating Museum of the Cold War), the members of Dansk Torpedobåd-Forening meet two times a year for a working session and act already as guides for visitors on board.

Dansk Torpdeobåd-Forening