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Computer-Design Prints on Canvas and Cups

Diploma Designer Eberhard Marx has created various men of war of the ex Volksmarine with help of computer-design-tools as virtual representations. 

On his homepage http://www.kriegsschiffe.info/ examples are shown among others of Project 183 ("P 6"), Project 205 ("OSA I"), Project 206 ("Shershen") and Project 1241 RÄ ("Tarantul").

Example: Boat Project 183 at full speed off Rügen

 Eberhard Marx offers his pictures printed on cups and on framed photo canvas. The pictures have been created with help of  MAXON Cinema 4d and have been worked over using  Photoshop.

Eberhard Marx writes about that:

"Virtuelle representations are a phantastic possibility to create realities with the computer, which are not yet, which are no longer or will never be in existence. I have remmbered my time as a "seafarer" and let the boat in which I sailed the Baltic for two years revive."


All other pictures can be seen on his homepage.