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  Begleitschiff "Tsingtau"



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Tender (Begleitschiff) "Tsingtau"


Begleitschiff "Tsingtau"; Picture: Archives K. Scheuch


Technical Data

Shipyard Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Built  1933 - 1934
In Commission 24.09.1934 - 10.05.1945
Displacement 2.490 ts
Length 85,00 m
Beam 13,50 m
Draught 3,90 m
Propulsion 2 MAN four-stroke Diesel engines 4.100 HP
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 17,5 kn
Complement  149
2 x 8,8 cm Gun
2 x 2 cm Flak


Built as replacement for Tender "Nordsee" as Fleettender. From 3.11.1934 until February 1940 "Tsingtau" was Tender for the 1.S-Flotilla. During Weserübung (Occupation of Norway) "Tsingtau" served as Tender for the 2.S-Flotilla.

After her return to Germany followed very different employments:  

 from 05.40 Schoolship for Cadets at Inspektion des Bildungswesens
from 07.40 Target ship for the 1.Torpedoboatsflotilla
from 21.8.40 Base for S-boats in Rotterdam
from 10.40 Begleitschiff 4. S-Flotilla
41/42 Begleitschiff 5., 6. und 7 .S-Flotilla
24.6.42 - 07.42 Begleitschiff 8. S-Flotilla
from 07.42 directly subordinate to F.d.S. 
from 04.43 Begleitschiff 9. S-Flotilla
from 04.44 Begleitschiff  2. Schnellboots-Schulflottille

Whereabouts: Until 1947 at GM/SA; British loot (H.M.S. "Tyne"), 1950 broken up.

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" with the 1. SFltl in Kolberg; Picture: Archives P. Jancke

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" and Boats otf the 1. SFltl in Wilhelmshaven - Picture: Archives Förderverein

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" still under black-white-red Flag - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" with Boats of the 1. SFltl - Picture: Archives Ola Erlandsson

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" in Kristiansand; Picture: Archives E. Skold

Begleitschiff "Tsingtau" in  FinnishSkerries - Picture: H. Bürger