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Begleitschiff  (Tender) "Adolf Lüderitz"


Technical Data

Shipyard AG Neptun, Rostock
In Commission 11.06.1940 - 10.05.1945
Displacement 3.600 t
Length 114,0 m
Beam 14,5 m
Draught 4,34 m
Propulsion 4 dobbeleffective MAN twostroke-dieselengines with Vulcan gearbox 12.400 HP *)
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 23 kts
Complement  225
Armament 4 x 10,5 cm Rapid Firing Gun
1 x 4 cm Bofors-Flak
6 x 3,7 cm Flak
8 x 2 cm Flak


*) As communicated by Mr. Horst Köhler, a development engineer at MAN for more than 40 years, on 03.02.2020 the company MAN at that time only produced dobbeleffective tostroke-dieselengines - no dobbeleffective fourstroke-dieselengines as reported by many online and printed media - weith that performance. Se also www.dieselmotoren-historik.com.


"Adolf Lüderitz" was commissioned for the 3. S-Flotilla. Since the Flotilla was moved to the Mediterranean, "Adolf Lüderitz" came to the newly formed 8. S-Flotilla in November 1941. On 24.6.42 the Begleitschiff was ordered to the 6.S-Flotilla. 1943 until the end of the war she belonged to the 1.S-Boat-Schoolflotilla. Sistership "Carl Peters".

"Adolf Lüderitz", Tender for den 3. SFltl - Picture: Archive H. Haag

After the war "Adolf Lüderitz" initially served with the IV. German Minesweeping Division. 1946 she was delivered up to the Soviet Union were she sailed under the name "Payserd".