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Prints on Canvas


Navypainter Lukas Wirp has widened his offer:

The paintings shown below are performed in oilpaint-technique on real canvas and are also available  as canvas-reproduction on print-technical basis from the artist himself.

Of special interest thereof is the picture of the Schnellboot class S 148, which is to get with the hull-numbers of the 20 boats of the former 3. and the former 5. Schnellbootgeschwader.

Excample Picture S-Boat Class 148

A painting of a S-boat of type S 100 is available.

Excample Picture S "100"- Storm in the Channel

A picture of a boat of type S 140/141 is thought of.

A picture of Frigate Class 124 is already available.

Example Picture Frigate Class 124

As his newest creation offers Lukas Wirp a picture of Tender Class 401 "Elbe", which is obtainable as well in oil-paint-technique as in canvas reproduction from the artist. 

Example Picture Tender Class 401 "Elbe"





Furhtermore offers Lukas Wirp art prints of his oil paintings: S-Boat Class 143 and S-Boat Class 143 A  size 40 x 30 cm. 

Example Picture S-Boat Class 143

He also offers: Pictures "Z 1 - Z 6" (Fletcher-Class) and "Z 103" (Lütjens-Class) size 30 x 40.

 Destroyer of "Fletcher"-Class

  Destroyer Guided Missile "Lütjens"-Class

The DDG is additionally available in size 50 x 60.


For further paintings and contact with the painter clik on the banner!

When ordering pictures please refer to Förderverein Museums-Schnellboot.

© all pictures Lukas Wirp, permission to show pictures on this WEB-Site granted.