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  S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine - Loss of "S 103"



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S-Boats in the Kriegsmarine 1935 - 1945

Loss of "S 103"

On 04.05.1945 Oblt.z.S. Hans-Wulf Heckel got the order at Svendborg/Fynen to leave harbour with his boat and to sail to Flensburger Förde in order to find out wheater the British already had occupied Flensburg.

He left harbour and sailed through Svendborg Sund to the west. In the Small Belt he was attacked about 16.00 by Typhoon-Bombera of RAF Squadron 193 with rocketbombs and had to take to hits. The boat sank in position 54o 16'N 010o 07'E. 18 men of the complement were killed in action. The commanding officer an 11 men, among them six wounded, were picked up ba a Danich fisherboat and brought to Mommark. 

 The wreck of the boat is still laying in its sinking-position and was discovered by the Danish professional-diver Åge Jensen ("Dynamit-Åge") from Granå and there were already taken some parts of the outfitting before the Danish authorities passed aout a diving-ban because of the sharp torpedoes and the ammunition for the guns being still around.

The hobby-historican and collector Flemming Hansen from Fredericia keeps in his collection an iron helmet, a signalflag, a tureen, a plate, an oilcan and a engine-telegraph from "S 103". 

Iron helmet from "S 103" - Picture: J. Leimgruber Signalflag from "S 103" - Picture: J. Leimgruber
Tureen from "S 103" - Picture: J. Leimgruber Plate from "S 103" - Picture: J. Leimgruber
Unterside of the Plate - Picture: J. Leimgruber Oil-Can from "S 103" - Picture: J. Leimgruber
Machine-Telegrapf from "S 103" - Picture: Janka Leimgruber


At Dynamit-Åge's home is kept a torpedo-target-calculator from "S 103" on a provisional pillar, the corresponding optical device (RZA 5) was sold some years ago.

Torpedo-Taget-Calculator from "S 103" - Picture: Frands Frandsen