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The Swedish association MTB-Veteraner was founded on 9.2.1987 of a number of enthusiasts. The first chairman was the MTB-constructor Curt Borgenstam. The association was founded in order to support the "genopstandene" (resurrected) S-boats "T 26" and "T 46".

The association has the objective to unify all persons who feel connected with the S-boats or are interested in S-boats. It forms the auspices for the associations that maintain and operate the S-boats "T 26", "T 38", "T 46", "T 56", T 121 Spica", "R 136 Västervik", "R 142 Ystad", the patrol-boats "V150 Jägaren" and "P 151 Hugin" as well as "Stridsbåt 90E 127" and "Stridsbåt 90E 102", and a number of other vehicles and a torpedoboat-radio-group  (Torpedbåtsgnistarna). 

An other objective is to support the vehicle-associations and to be in a state to present the vehicles as living museum-vehicles. That means to be able to present the vehicles at different meetings of veteran-vehicle-associations, official museum-openings and Navy-/Fleetdays. So took e.g. R 142 "Ystad" part at Kieler Woche 2017.

The anual meetings of the association normally are held at the sea-officers-club on the island Skeppsholmen at Stockholm in March. After the offical meeting and a small dinner normally a movie or a video related to the activities of the association is shown.

 Every year in September the association arranges „En dag i paradiset“ (a day in paradise), also called EDIP at the Gålö-base, on which members and their family and friends can experience a short voyage (about 20 – 30 minutes) on Mysingen with the boats available against a small fee. At this activity the association normally also presents model-boats and in case of a visit by the Navy also test-voyages are undertaken.

The wellknown Gålö-base where  a slipbedding, workshops, stores, and a radiostation are found also has quarters with a little wardroom in the former petty-officers-home.

During EDIP also hotdogs, hamburgers, coffe and kakes as well as gifts (books, clothes, and others) are sold.

Veteranflottiljen  is a member of the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA). Sweden is the thirdbiggest nation after USA and United Kingdom.

The association has today more than 700 members and among others His Royal Highness teh King of Sweden is a honorary member. The membership fee is 200 SKr/year.


  Here as examples to associations under the umbrella Veteranflottiljen are presented: