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S-Boats in the Royal Swedish Navy 1921 - 2000 (Marinen)

T 131/R 131 - Class ("Norrköping"-Class)

The 12 torpedoboats of type "Norrköbing" (Spica II) were built by Karlskronaverv from 1971 until 1976. In the 80s the boats were reconstructed and converted to missile-boats with the armament as of today. In the 90s six vessels were reconstructed again and then got the indicators as "Robot-Båtar" (Missile-boats) type "Ystad". 

Ex-"R 136 Västervik" in the Museum at Karlskrona - Picture: Archives Veteran Flotiljen

Ex-"R 142 Ystad" at Gålö - Picture: Henry Bujack

"T 131 Norrköping" - Plan from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 3

Tekniske Data

Length 41,5 m
Beam 7,1 m
Draught 2,4 m
Displacement 220 t
Complement 30 Mand
6 x 53,3 cm - Torpedorør
1 x 57 mm Bofors/L70
2 x Maskingevær/M36
2 x 4 103mm illimination raketer på begge sider af brohuset
1 x 57 illuminations-raket starter på agterdækket
Armament after Retrofitting
4 x RBS 15 Surface-to-Surface Missiles
2 x 53,3 cm - Torpedo-tubes
1 x 57 mm Bofors/L70
2 x MG/M36
2 x 4 103mm Illimination Rockets on both sides of the bridge-house
3 x Bristol Siddely Marine Proteus type 1282 - 4310 PS each
 Retrofitted with BSMP Type 1282 - 4500 PS each
Fart 40 kn, after Retrofitting 50 kn
Byggeværft Mekaniske Verkstad



Between 1996 and 2000 six boats got the new combat-control-syxstem "MARIL 2000. The boats got their class-indicator "Ystad"-Class from the first upgraded boat, HMS Ystad (R 142). The other six boats, " Norrtälje" (R 133), "Varberg" (R 134), "Västerås" (R 135), "Västervik" (R 136), "Umeå" (R 137), and "Strömstad" (R 141) were sorted out.

In  2001 were "Luleå" (R 139) and "Halmstad" (R 140) decommissionedf, in 2003 "Nynäshamn" (R 132) and "Piteå" (R 138), "Norrköping" (R 131) and "Ystad" (R 142) served in the fleet uintil fall 2005 and were laid up at Navybase Karlskrona.

R 142 "Ystad" today is owned by "Statens Maritima och Transporthistoriska Museer", but is sailed and maintained by members of "Föreningen Svenska Robotbåtar" and Veteranflotiljen.

 R 136 "Västervik" was handed over to Marinemuseum Karlskrona. Rearming of her to the original state is performed by the association "Västerviks Venner" which supports the museum in keeping and maintaining the boat in order to use her in future as a lilving museums-vessel.

   Boats of the Class

T 131/R 131 "Norrköping", T 132/R 132 "Nynäshamn", T 133/R 133 "Norrtälje", T 134/R 134 "Varberg", T 135/R 136 "Vesterås", T 136/R 136 "Västervik", T 137/R 137 "Umeå", T 138/T 138 "Piteå", T 139/R 139 "Luleå", T 140/R 140 "Halmstad", T 141/R141 "Strömstad"og T 142/R 142 "Ystad".