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  S-Boats in the Royal Swedish Navy (Marinen)


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S-Boats in the Royal Swedish Navy 1921 - 2000 (Marinen)

"T 1" og "T 2"

In 1939 Sweden ordered two boats from British Powerboat Co. which, however, were confiscated by the British Royal Navy because of the outbreak of war. As replacement for the two confiscated boats two ELCO 70' PT-boats (PT = Patrol Torpedo) were bought from USA. The got the indicators "T 1" and "T 2" (T = Torpedboat).

Søsterbåd af "T 1 " and "T 2", here US "PT 10" - Picture: US Navy

Technical Data

 Length 21,34 m


6,07 m
Draught 1,37 m
Displacement 32 t  
Complement 12 Men
2 x 53,3 cm Torpedo-tubes
2 x 20 mm Oerlikon on Double-Carriage
2 x 12,7 mm MG
2 x 6,5 mm MG
Propulsion 3 x Packard 1220 375 PS Gasoline-Motors
Speed 42 kn
Shipyard ELCO, Bayonne/New Jersey



The boats did not correspond with the expectations of the Swedish Navy. 

Sisterboats ex-USN "PT 10" to "PT 19" were delivered to the British Royal Navy as Lend-Lease-boats and commissioned as "MTB 259" to "MTB 268" for service in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Swedish Navy bought modern Italian MAS 500-boats as replacement.