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Föreningen Svenska Robotbåtar (FSvR)

The Swedish association Föreningen Svenska Robotbåtar is an ideational organization with the aim to maintain a Robotbåt (Missileboat) in its original shape as long as it is feasible and economically reasonable. 

R142 "Ystad" - PÜicture: Henry Bujack

Also the history ot the boats is to be communicated and the knowledge about this type of vehicles, their historic rô le and their unique technics shall be supported and mainained in co-operation with maritime authorities and organizations. 

FSvR has an agreement with Statens Maritima och Transporthistoriska Museum (SMTM = Governmental Maritime and Transporthistoric Museum ), thast the ex-Robotbåt (Missileboat) "Ystad" is to be operated as a living museum-vehicle. To the necessary activities besides of operation of the boat belong education of complements and maintainers. That is principally performed at the former naval base Gålö, during visits to the Wasa-Museum and the Maritime Museum Karlskrona as well as during voyages to nearby harbours during summer. 

Furthermore, documents, manuals, and pictures ot this type of vehicle are to becollected, to be catalouged, and to be saved.

Foereningen has its home at the former naval base Gålö. The membership fees for regular members is 1200 SKr/year of which 200 SKr is paid to Veteranflottiljlen. Juniors (18 - 25 years) have to pay 350 SKr as well as supporting members.