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  S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret)


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S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy 1940 - 2010 (Sjøforsvaret)


P 981 "Rapp" of "Snøgg"-Class - Picture from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 3

"Snøgg"-Class - Plan from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 3


Technical Data

 Length 36,5 m
Beam 6,00 m
Draught 1,08 m
Displacement 138 t
Complement 19 men
4 x Penguin ASM
4 x Torpedo-tubes 53,3cm for wireguided torpedoes
1 x 40 mm Bofors/L70
2 x MTU diesel-motors 3600 PS each
Speed 30 kn 


1987 "Kvikk" (P 984) was retrofitted as EW-boat. It got an additional 5750-Watt transmitter and a high-quality radar. Her employment as EW-verhicle ended 1994.

The boats were substituted by boats of the "Hauk"-class and of the "Skjold"-class.  

Boats of the Class


Boat Hull-No
Snøgg P980
Rapp P981
Snar P982
Rask P983
Kvikk *) P984
Kjapp P985

*) Kvikk was decommissioned in 1994 and broken up in 1996. Since the rumour spread out over Norway that an abnormal number of children of crewmembers was born with body misdeformities a sistership was built at the shipyard for intensive testing in order to enforce or to disbend these suspichion. The trails could not support the suspichion.

"Kvikk" - P 984 of "Snøgg"-Class - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann

"Kvikk" - P 984 o "Snøgg"-Class - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann