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  S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret)


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S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy 1940 - 2010 (Sjøforsvaret)


" Rapp"-Class was the first class of motortorpedoboats built in Norway. The boats were a bit bigger than the ELCO-boats and were armed stronger. 

KNM-"Kjapp" - P 354 - Picture: Archives Lars H. Herbst

KNM-"Snøgg" - P 356 - Picture: Archives Lars H. Herbst

"Rapp"-class boat without armament on a slip - Picture: Archives Atle Wilmar

Boat of "Rapp"-class at lfuld speed - Picture: Archives Atle Wilmar

Technical Data

Length 27,00 m
Beam 7,00 m
Draught 1,50 m
Displacement 73 t
Complement 18 men
2 x torpedo-tubes 53,3 cm for German torpedoes T1
1 x 40 mm Machinegun Mk/48 LvSa
1 x 20 mm Machinegun Mk/42 LvSa
2 x Packard gasoline-motors 4866 PS
Speed 42 kn 



All six boats were built at Westermoen Båtbyggeri og Mek Verksted, Mandal. Launching of the boat "Rapp" was on 07.05.1952. She was commissioned in 1952. The other five boats were completed between 1953 and 1956. All six boats were decommissioned in 1970.


Boats of the Class


Boat PT-Nummer
Rapp P 351
Rask P 352
Kvikk P 353
Kjapp P 354
Snar P 355
Snøgg P 356