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  S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret)


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S-Boats in the Royal Norwegian Navy 1940 - 2010 (Sjøforsvaret)

MTB 5-Klassen

Norge havde i 1939 bestilt fire både af typen Vosper 60'. Bådene "No 5" og "No 6" blev leveret i maj 1940. 

"MTB 5"  of Type Vosper 60 ft - Picture: Imperial War Museum

Vosper 60'-Boat for Norway - Picture from Lambert/Ross: Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, Vol. 2


Technical Data

 Length 19.05 m
Beam 4,72 m
Draught 0,84 m
Displacement 32 t
Complement 9 Men
2 x 45,7 cm Torpedo-tubes
4 x 7,6mm MGs on double carriage
3 x Napier gasoline-motors
Speed 25 kn


"MTB 6" - Picture from Konstam: British Motor Gun Boat 1939 - 45

MTB "No 5" was requested back by RN and sailed under Norwegian command. She was lost as consequence of an explosion on 01.07.1941. "MTB 6" (No 6)  was leaking caused by bad weather and was abandoned by her Norwegian crew on 26.09.1940  in the Channel. She drifted ashore in the Seine-Bight.

 Boats "No 7" and "No 8" were completed, however, they were commissioned by the Royal Navy as "MTB 71" and "MTB 72". "MTB 71" was sailing under a Norwegian crew. It was realized pretty soon that this type of boats was constructed too weakly for action in times of war.