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  Begleitschiff "Hermann von Wissmann"



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Begleitschiff "Hermann von Wissmann"


Begleitschiff "Hermann von Wissmann" with S-Boats - Pictureo: Archives 7. Sgschw


Begleitschiff "Hermann von Wissmann" - Picture: Unknown


"Hermann von Wissmann"




Technical Data

Shipyard John Cockerill S.A. Hoboken-Antwerp
Commissioned from/to 16.12.1943 - 10.05.1945
Displacement 3.700 t
Length 114,0 m
Beam 14,7 m
Draught 6,01 m
Propulsion 1 Burmeister & Wain - Diesel engine 3.800 HP
Shafts/Propellers 2 - 2
Speed 17 kts
Complement  225 
3 x 10,5 cm rapid firing guns
6 x 3,7 cm antiaircraft guns
10 x 2 cm antiaircraft guns



Under construction as Polish M/B "Lewant III". In May 1940 the incomplete ship was confiscated by the Wehrmacht at the shipyard John Cockerill S.A. in Hoboken-Antwerp. The conclusion to finish and utilize the ship was only performed end of April 1942 due to the lack of copper.On 16.12.43 the ship was commissioned for the 5.S-Flotilla. Sistership "Gustav Nachtigal".


The seizured  "Hermann von Wissmann" leaving Flensburg - Picture: Archives 7. SGschw

In July 1945 "Hermann von Wi▀mann" was confiscated by the British as a war loot and commissioned under the name of "Royal Herald". 1950 the ship was left to Belgium were it seved as trooptransport ship, schoolship and supply ship under the name of "Kamina". 1967 the ship was striken  from the list of warships and broken up commencing September1968 by Brugse Scheepsloperij.