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  S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy (Søværnet)


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S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy 1947 - 2000 (Søværnet)


P547 "Sehested" at Holmen/København - Picture: Sandro Kleinert

"Willemoes"-Class as Motortorpedobåd - Picture from Borck/Nørby: Søheltenes Skibe

"Willemoes"-Class as Missiltorpedobåd - Picture from Borck/Nørby: Søheltenes Skibe

"Bille" - P 540 of "Willemoes"-cass still without missiles - Picture: Archives T. Kunzmann


Technical Data

 Længde 46,0 m
Bredde 7,40 m
Dybgang 2,45 m
Tonnage 260 t
Besætning 25 mand (6 off., 19 befalingsmænd og menige)
Våben indtil 1977
4 x ToRo 53,3 cm med tysket torpedoer T1, senere svenske trådstyrede TP 61
1 x 76 mm Oto Melara maskinkanon
2 x MG 7,6 mm
2 x 3 113mm raketer (flares og chaff)
16 Miner
Våben efter 1977
8 x Harpoon SSM
2 x ToRo 53,3 cm med torpedoer TP 61 og TP 613
2 x MG 7,6 mm

2 x 3 103 mm raketer (flares og chaff)

16 Miner
fra 1990 + 2 x 6fag SeaGnat SRBOC-launcher Mk 38
fra 1993 + 2 x Stinger LV M/93
3 x Rolls  Royce Proteus gasturbiner hver 4250 PS
2 x General Motors Diesel 12V71 hver 365 PS
Fart 36 - 38 kn med gasturbiner
Marchfart  12 kn med Diesel
Byggeværft Frederikshavn Værft
Design Orlogsværftet und Lürssen-Werft

Bådene af Klassen

Båd Hull-No. Callsign indført udgået
Bille P 540 OVFV 14.06.1977 15.03.2000
Bredal P541 OVFW 14.06.1977 15.03.2000
Hammer P542 OVFX 01.02.1978 15.03.2000
Huitfeldt P543 OVFY 01.02.1978 01.04.2000
Krieger P544 OVFZ 01.02.1978 01.04.2000
Norby P545 OVEA 15.02.1978 01.04.2000
Rodsteen P546 OVEB 15.02.1978 01.10.2000
Sehested P547 OVEC 19.05.1978 31.12.2000
Suenson P548 OVED 10.08.1978 01.04.2000
Willemoes P549 OVEE 20.03.1977 01.07.2000


Sensorer af  "Willemoes"-klassen - Billede: fra Borck/Nørby: Søheltenes Skibe

Taktisk Databehandlingsystem af "Willemoes"-klasse - Billede fra Borck/Nørby: Søheltenes Skibe


Bovbemaling efter Cannon-Ball-Race, inderst hutigste båd, udenfor langsomst båd - Billede: Arkiv Orlogsmuseum

I året 2000 blebv alle både af "Willemoes"-klassen udført af flåden og erstattet ved patrouille-fartøjerne af "Flyvefisken"-klassen (StanFlex 300).



In 1968 Søværnet planned again to build new motortorpedoboats. Since the boats of the Eastbloc were superior in artillery than the boats up to now in terms of calibre and firecontrol emphasis was laid on a stronger artillery-armament than available in up to then Sboat-classes.

The operation room and the radio-room were to be situated at orlop-deck thus the was only little space for the engine-rooms at a boatlength of 45 meters what supported the choise of gasturbines instead of diesel-motors. As a moneuvre-propulsion and for lower speeds to diesel-motors were demanded on the outer shafts. The Swedish "Spica"-class was was godfather for the Danish considerations. 

Since Denmark persued an own system for automatic datatransfer and -evaluation DEPLO (Danish Electronic Plotting System) as a development of the Swedish EPLO NTDS instead of a NTDS as implemented by many NATO-units - i.g.  SATIR, AGIS and PALIS in German units was planned for the new class of boats. 

The project got the working-title "TB-68". In 1971 the new constructions were signed out and both Frederikhavn Værft and Orlogsværftet delivered an offer. In 1972 eight boats were ordered at Frederikshavn Værft. The first boat was commissioned on 19.10.1974. In 1973 two further boats were ordered at the shipyard. The boats got names of Danish Seaheroes and got the indicator "Willemoes"-class, in Denmark they also were called "Søheltenes Skibe" - Ship's of the seaheroes - (compare with the same title under Literature). With this class of boats the Swedish wire-guided torpedo TP 61 ws introduced to Søværnet. In 1977 the boats were retrofitted with the Harpoon-system. Therefore, the aft torpdo-tubes were demounted. Also the boats were retrofitted with STINGER-missiles, SEAGNAT-SRBOC and DESMO-ESM-system. 1987 until 1989 the boats were fitted with the new TDS (Tactical Data System by Terma A/S). The 10. and last boat of class, P 549 "Suenson", was commissioned on 10.08.1978. 


Museumsboat P547 "Sehested" of "Willemoes"-Class at Holmen/Copenhagen - Picture: Sandro Kleinert

In the year 2000 all boats of "Willemoes"-class were decommissioned and substituted by patrol-boats of "Flyvefisken"-class (StanFlex 300).