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  S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy (Søværnet)


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S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy 1947 - 2000 (Søværnet)


1960 the British shipyard Vosper offered two gasturbine-torpedoboat to Søværnet, which were to reach a topspeed of 50 knots. 1961 the contract was signed for two such boats. The boats got the names "Søløven" and "Søridderen" and the indicator "Søløven"-class. These boats were gliders and thus faster but less seaworthy than the motortorpedoboats in bad weather.

In the same year Denmark got F 104-fighters for a total of 375 mio. dkr, but had to spend the saved money for the army and the navy. Therefore, another four gasturbineboats of "Søløven"-class could be ordered. The boats were also called GTBs (gasturbinebåde) or "gasboats".

P510 "Søløven" - Picture: Michel Bern-Martens

"Søløven"-Class - Drawing from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 3

Technical Data

 Length 30,33 m
Beam 7,85 m
Draught 2,15 m
Displacement 158 t
Complement 27 men (5 off., 22 pettyoff. and ratings)
Armament until 1992 
2 - 4 x ToRo 53,3 cm with German torpedoes T1, later Swedish wireguided TP 61
1 - 2 x 40 mm Bofors machinegun
2 x 51 mm illumination-rockets
10 mines in side-launching
from 1993 2 x Stinger LV M/93
Propulsion CODOG
3 x Rolls  Royce Proteus gasturbines each 4150 PS
2 x General Motors diesels eachr 230 PS
Speed 54 kn on gasturbines
Marchspeed  10 kn on diesel-engines
Shipyards Vosper Ltd. (2), Orlogsværft (4)
Design Vosper


The boats had either four torpedo-tubes and one Bofors 40-mm gun or two torpoedo-tubes an two Bofors 40-mm guns. In the middle of the 80ties the aft guns were substituted with a 20 mm M/42 LvSa machinegun.

Boats of the Class


Boat Hull-No. Callsign commissioned decommissioned
Søløven P510 OVFM 15.02.1965 05.07.1990
Søridderen P511 OVFN 15.02.1965 05.07.1990
Søbjørnen P512 OVFO 20.10.1965 05.07.1990
Søhesten P513 OVFP 21.06.1966 05.07.1990
Søhunden P514 OVFQ 20.12.1966 05.07.1990
Søulven P515 OVER 17.05.1967 05.07.1990


"Søhesten" 1965  - Picture: Søværnet


"Søhesten" with mines - Picture: Archives Orlogsmuseum

P515 "Søulven" - Picture: Søværnet


Museumsboat "Søbjørnen" at Aalborg - Picture: Orlogsmuseum