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  S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy (Søværnet)


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S-Boats in the Royal Danish Navy 1947 - 2000 (Søværnet)


In 1951 six former German boats could be bought from Norway: 

Norwegian Name German Indicator Danish Name Hull-Number
Lyn  S 64 Stormfuglen  P 562
Brann S 303 Taarnfalken P 563 
Storm S 85 Tranen P 564
Blink  S 302 Falken P 565
Tross S 117 Hejren P 566
Kjekk S 195 Lommen P 567 

                 The 12 boats of "T51"-class and the six boats from Norway were modernized; they got radar and a 40mm-Bofors M/36 aft. The boats got birdnames and NATO-hullnumbers. The 18 boats were called "Glenten"-class.

P551 "Glenten" - Picture: Søværnet

Type "S 38" med Kalotte - Drawing from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 2

Type "S 100" - Drawing from Fock: Schnellboote Bd. 2

Later the boats got a turret midships for an optical artillery-firecontrolsystem instead of the second 20mm-gun.



Technical Data

 Length 34,94 m
Beam 5,10 m
Draught 1,67 m
Displacement 122 t
Complement 25 men (4 off., 21 pettyoff. and ratings)
2 x ToRo 53,3 cm with German torpedoes T1
1 x 40 mm machinegun Mk/48 LvSa
1 x 20 mm machinegun Mk/42 LvSa in the well
2 x 51 mm illumination-rockets
minerails on the aft deck
3 x MB 518 B Diesel each 3000 PS
Speed 42,8 kn 
Shipyards Lürssen and Schlichting



The boats had later a crew of 22 men.


Bots of the Class


Boat Hull-No. ex-DK ex-KM Yard Callsign commisioned decommissioned
Glenten P551 T51 S306 Lür OVFG 01.11.1947 27.02.1961
Gribben P552 T52 S107 Sch OVFH 15.04.1948 25.04.1960
Havørnen P553 T53 S216 Lür OVFI 19.11.1948 06.06.1957
Hærfuglen P554 T54 S133 Sch OVFJ 06.10.1954 06.10.1954
Høgen P555 T55 S206 Lür OVFK 28.03.1949 04.09.1957
Isfuglen P556 T56 S127 Sch OVFL 08.07.1949 06.10.1954
Jagtfalken  P557 T57 S305 Lür OVFM 08.07.1949 01.05.1962
Musvaagen P558 T58 S379 Lür OVFN 15.07.1950 06.10.1954
Raagen P559 T59 S179 Lür OVFO 01.11.1949 06.06.1957
Ravnen P560 T60 S97 Lür OVFP 10.01.1953 01.05.1962
Skaden P561 T61 S207 Lür OVFQ 07.10.1950 25.04.1960
Stormfuglen P562 - S64 Lür OVFR 08.10.1953 20.10.1962
Taarnfalken P563 - S303 Lür OVFS 12.05.1955 26.04.1963
Tranen P564 - S85 Lür OVFT 03.11.1955 26.04.1963
Falken P565 - S302 Lür OVFU 07.02.1953 17.07.1961
Hejren P566 - S117 Lür OVFV 05.01.1956 28.12.1964
Lommen P567 - S195 Lür OVFW 21.04.1953 04.09.1961
Viben P568 T62 S68 Lür OVFX 03.11.1955 13.09.1965

The boats "Gribben", "Hærfuglen", "Isfuglen", "Ravnen", "Stormfuglen", "Tranen", "Hejren", and "Viben" were of type S 38. The other boats were of type S 100.

"Høgen" ex-"T55" ex - S 207"  - Picture: Søværnet

1953 four boats were painted in different colours: "Glenten" navygrey, "Hærfuglen" white, "Ravnen" lightgrey, and "Taarnfalken" lightblue, in order tofind out which would be the best colour for the area of operation. In May 1955 it was decided that the boats should be painted in lightgrey. In early 1961 all boats were painted in olivegreen.

 Starting in 1955 the midships guns were removed, instead of them a turret with a optical artillery-firecontrolsystem was retrofitted.

"Tranen", ex-"Storm", ex-"S 85" with artillery-fire control system - Picture: Søværnet

"Hejren" in olivegreen - Picture: Søværnet

1956 test on "Hejren" with trainable torpedo-tubes were conducted in order to make experiences for the positioning of the torpedo-tubes on the planned "Falken"-class.


"Hejren" 1956 - Picture: Søværnet